FAQs - What's the Tea?

Where can I purchase your work?

You can purchase my work online or locally at:

St. Louis Locations

  • Urban Matter in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Passiglia's Nursery in Wildwood, Missouri
  • Oh My Posh in Cottleville, Missouri
  • Cousin Paul's Tattoo - appointment only, St. Louis, Missouri
  • The River Boat STL on the Mississippi River in St. Louis
  • Missouri History Museum in St. Louis

Columbia, MO Locations

  • Poppy in Columbia, Missouri
  • Tin Roof Gift Shop in Columbia, Missouri

Illinois Locations

  • LouBelle and Bing in Collinsville, IL
  • Quinton's Craft House in Collinsville, IL - Coming soon!! 
  • Makers on Main in Columbia, IL

More Favorite Places

  • The Mark Twain House in Hannibal, Missouri (Mark Twain Mugs only)
  • Briocolage Art Collective, Padukuh, KY
  • Arrowmont Supply Store, Gatlinburg, TN
  • Pop on Main, Gloucester, MA

Can I carry your work in my store?

Perhaps! I would love to chat about new possibilities. I can accommodate wholesale or commission contracts. Email or contact me for more information to see if we would be a good fit!

Are your mugs safe to use?

Yes! Absolutely! All the materials I use are completely food safe and lead free. All my wares are food safe unless otherwise noted but I’ve yet to make something that has been noted. My wares are also dishwasher safe (top rack preferred) and if there are not any metallic details they can go in the microwave. 

Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes! During peak holiday seasons I am usually pretty slammed trying to keep up with wholesale, web shop updates and pop up inventory but I might have a mug to spare! I am always totally ok with messages or emails inquiring and I will definitely let you know if I can make it happen for you!

How do you get the images on there?

I design all the images myself in a design software and then create and print the decals myself. All the images are printed on special ceramic decal paper with a special printer. They get fired to a temperature so they melt into the glaze creating a permeant image. The floral imagery are commercial china decals that I buy in bulk from various ceramic shops. 


Do you offer classes? 

I do not. I am a one woman show in a small spare bedroom studio space so I don't have the facilities or space to be able to host classes or lessons. If you are looking to learn check out: South Broadway Art Project, Craft Alliance or Krueger Pottery for classes and information!