Hi! My name is Taylor Emery. I am obsessed with pop culture, an enthusiast of travel, and a lover of cheap Mexican food. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, but belong by the ocean at heart.  



Currently, I am pursuing a residency in Goshen, Indiana under the instruction of Justin Rothshank. I moved to Goshen in June of 2017 and have been adjusting to life in Amish country Northern Indiana. It took a while but I am getting used to the snow, the buggies and my new environment. Within my residency with Justin I have gotten to be a part of soda and wood firings, as well learn the inner workings of being a full time studio potter. I love getting to help daily in the studio and soak up all the knowledge he's willing to throw my way. 

Additionally, a new part of my life in Goshen is that I am a teacher and resident artist at Goshen Youth Arts. I was fortunate enough to score a studio space in the upstairs of the building and I teach 9-19 year olds in various ceramics classes downstairs. Being affiliated with GYA is an enormous blessing. 

So, I am a busy girl, inspired artist, and loving life. I encourage and hope you follow me on this journey of discovering who I am as an artist, and following where my passions take me.